PIATTO Real Italian Food Podcast

PIATTO REAL ITALIAN FOOD podcast is an insider’s guide to how Italians in Italy actually cook and eat with traditional Italian recipes. Travel Italy with this mouthwatering podcast by PIATTO™ cooking channels.

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About the PIATTO Podcast

Re-discover the most famous Italian dishes as well as lesser-known traditional Italian cooking from all over Italy. Elevate your cooking with our foolproof recipes, expand your knowledge of Italian culture with food history factoids … and buon appetito!

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Traditional Italian Food Recipes

From well-known classics like Spaghetti Carbonara to lesser know Italian favorites (Wild Boar Ragù?), we’ll discuss how to make traditional Italian food recipes the way they are made in Italy!

Is it Italian? Italian Food Myth-Busting

You’ve heard rumors… ‘Pepperoni isn’t Italian!’ and ‘Italians don’t eat spaghetti with meatballs!’ Are the rumors true? In this podcast, PIATTO Italian natives and expats will share the truth with you about what Italians consider ‘real italian food’!

The best news? By learning the traditional ingredients and techniques used to make classic Italian dishes, you’ll be eating healthier! Classic Italian dishes rely on healthy olive oil as the fat of choice. Most cheesy pasta dishes rely on the hot starchy water itself to create a little ‘cremina’ (little cream) and do not call for the addition of heavy cream or butter—both ingredients used abroad that are high in saturated fats.

Food History Factoids

Did you know that tripe is a popular dish dating back to ancient times? Were you aware that Tiramisù is a modern recipe? Do you know how Fettuccine Alfredo got its name and why most Italians in Italy won’t recognize this dish if you ask for it by this name?

Italian culinary history is packed with fun facts for the food history lover. In our podcast, we share our favorites!