Italian Lentils for New Years

Italian Lentils recipes like this one are a tradition in Italy for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day! They are thought to bring good luck for the upcoming year.

In the video below, you’ll learn how to cook brown lentils in three ways:

  • Vegetarian Lentils
  • Lentils with Sausage
  • Lentils with Cotechino — a special Italian sausage traditionally served with lentils during New Year’s

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Making Italian Lentils: Tips

Mince the Vegetables

The key to making Italian lentils extra flavorful? Mince the vegetables and aromatics really well! There are no crazy or unusual ingredients in Italian lentils recipes. However, be sure to mince the carrots, onions and celery very well to allow them to almost melt in the pan during the sauté phase. This will ensure an extremely flavorful base for cooking the lentils!

What is Cotechino?

Cotechino is a type of cooked sausage popular in the north of Italy. Cotechino from Modena is in fact a protected product in Italy.

Cotechino is traditional served with lentils for the New Year’s throughout Italy. It is made of:

  • pork skin
  • pork meat—economical cuts
  • minced cartilage
  • cured pork belly

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Vegetarian Italian Lentils, served with a two pieces of bruschetta!
Italian Lentils with sausage added!
Italian Lentils with Cotechino Sausage!

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