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There are a bunch of pizza making videos online, but how do you know if they are worth watching? Like with anything, it’s best to go to the source to learn how to make pizza. And pizza originated in Italy!

In our pizza making videos (below), we head to Italy! Learn how to make pizza with PIATTO™’s very own pizza maestro, Sezo! You’ll learn how to make pizza from scratch…

  • using tested pizza recipes
  • with Italian ingredients
  • and traditional Italian pizza making techniques
  • filmed in Italy!

Let’s get started with a style of pizza found across Italy…

Roman-Style Pan Pizza Making Videos

Sometimes called Pizza in Teglia or Pizza alla Teglia in Italian, this style of pizza is popular throughout Italy these days. However, it’s generally considered to have originated in Rome Italy.

Roman-Style pan pizzas are frequently prepared in large sheet pans and are sold by the (rectangular) slice in Italian bakeries and pizzerias. They are the pizza most associated with ‘to-go’ pizzas in Italy. Unlike some other pizza recipes, no guidelines have been associated with this kind of pan pizza. However, these tend to be the characteristics:

  • short edges (the crust is not tall, like the Neapolitan pizza crust for instance)
  • height and hydration vary: some ‘Roman’ pizzas are short like a short focaccia, while others are tall and soft like the recipe we show in our pizza making video above!
  • edge to edge toppings

A Tall and Soft Roman-Style Pan Pizza!

In the pizza making video above, Sezo prepares a 70% hydration pizza dough that we then use to create 2 PAN PIZZAS.

Watch the video (below), or keep reading to learn more!

The pizza specifications:

  • pan sizes: 16 x 12 in or 40 x 30 cm
  • 6 hour proof
  • 72°F / 22ºC proofing temperature

The result is a tall pizza that is full of bubbles, soft inside with a crispy crust. Best of all? It is delicious and highly digestible.

WRITTEN RECIPE? Check out our step-by-step recipe for this 70% Hydration Pizza Dough

A Short and Quick Roman-Style Pan Pizza

If you are looking for a pan pizza with a shorter proof time, then this is the recipe for you! This pizza can be ready for the oven in 3 hours, making it the ideal solution for a last-minute pizza night!

Watch the video (below), or keep reading to learn more!

In the pizza making video above, Sezo prepares the pizza dough using a stand mixer. However, you can prepare the pizza dough by hand as well. We also show you how to turn your conventional oven into a pizza proofing box!

  • pan sizes: 16 x 12 in or 40 x 30 cm
  • 2-3 hour proof
  • 82°F / 28ºC proofing temperature

The result is a shorter pizza that is still soft with a crispy crust.

WRITTEN RECIPE? Coming soon!

Italy’s Healthiest Roman-Style Pan Pizza!

Watch Sezo make a pan pizza with whole grain spelt flour (called ‘farro’ in Italian).

Watch the video (below), or keep reading to learn more!

This homemade pan pizza recipe is highly digestible, low in gluten, very healthy and super tasty!

In this PIATTO™ video recipe, we’ll show you how to make a spelt pizza dough (a whole grain pizza dough) from scratch. Then, we’ll show you how to turn it into two delicious pan pizzas!

We make one pizza called ‘Carlofortina’ (from the Italian island of Sardegna) and another with a lots of Mediterranean Diet ingredients. As a bonus, we’ll demonstrate how to quickly whip up fresh basil pesto for one of the pizzas!

WRITTEN RECIPE? Coming soon!

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