Italian Comfort Food To Warm Your Winter

From the easy to the cheesy, here are some of our favorite Italian comfort food recipes!

Gnocchi alla Romana

Roman Style Gnocchi!

If you like polenta or even cream of wheat, you will LOVE these semolina flour dumplings. This dish is considered a ‘pasta’ in Rome (where it is traditional) and is even thought to pre-date the potato gnocchi we know and love. Flavored with Parmigiano or Pecorino cheese, topped with butter or olive oil and more cheese… this dish is serious comfort food! It’s baked in the oven, so it is easy too!

Potato Gnocchi with Four Cheese Sauce

Pop this Four Cheese Gnocchi in the oven for a crispy ‘al forno’ version of the dish!

Potato gnocchi is comfort food regardless of the sauce that accompanies it. However, if cheese comforts you, you can’t go wrong with this Four Cheese Gnocchi recipe.

Tuscan Bean Soup

A traditional Tuscan Bean Soup called ‘Ribollita’

If soup is your idea of Italian comfort food, this Tuscan Bean Soup is perfect. Twice boiled, it is called ‘ribollita’ in Italian which means just that. Serve with a slice of bruschetta topped with olive oil. Mamma mia!

Papalina Pasta (The Pope’s Pasta)

With prosciutto, Parmigiano cheese, onion and egg—this dish is comforting and will stick to your ribs!

Papalina (AKA ‘The Pope’s Pasta’) is sometimes thought of as a Carbonara with Prosciutto outside of Italy. And in fact, legend has it that it was invented to be a refined version of the traditional Spaghetti Carbonara recipe. With prosciutto instead of guanciale, Parmigiano cheese instead of pecorino, onion and a creamy egg sauce—this is both rich and comforting.

Spaghetti all’Assassina (Assassin’s Spaghetti)

The Killer Pasta of Bari, Italy

Fried pasta and lots and lots of umami—that’s Spaghetti all’Assassina in a nutshell. This relatively modern classic from Bari, Italy is taking the internet by storm. No, it is NOT just refried tomato spaghetti… it is something sooooo much better!

Spaghetti with Clam Sauce

For some of you, nothing says comfort food like seafood! If that describes you, then this traditional Spaghetti with Clam Sauce is going to deliver some food nirvana. We share all the secrets to making this dish even better than you’d get at most restaurants.

Rosemary Chicken with Roasted Potatoes

Roasted Chicken and Potatoes – or just make the potatoes!

Chicken and potatoes are comfort food even in Italy. And let’s be honest, you can also just roast some crispy potatoes by themselves to get a comfort food fix. This dish is amazing for a special occasion or just a weekend meal.

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