New Year’s Resolution: Master Pasta Making in 2024 with these 10 Recipes

Did you just add ‘learn to make pasta from scratch’ to your list of 2024 New Year’s resolutions? Get started with these 10 PIATTO™ fresh pasta recipes—complete with video guides! From the ridiculously easy (we’re talking to you, Roman Style Gnocchi) to the decidedly more complicated Tortellini Bolognesi—you’ll learn to master them all!

Easy Pasta to Make for Beginners

#1 Semolina Gnocchi alla Romana

If you can make cream of wheat or polenta, you can make this pasta! The famous ‘Gnocchi alla Romana’ are semolina dumplings shaped into discs. No special tools required, but a simple round cookie cutter will help you make them more attractive.

Semolina Gnocchi Recipe
The ultimate comfort food, Gnocchi alla Romana bears almost no resemblance to the more well-known potato gnocchi. However, Gnocchi Alla Romana is a traditional Italian recipe that is incredibly satisfying as a lunch, dinner or even as an appetizer. If you like grits, polenta or porridge, you’ll love this dish!
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Semolina Gnocchi Recipe
Gnocchi alla Romana

#2 Gnocchetti (Little Flour and Water Gnocchi)

While we tend to think gnocchi by definition includes potatoes, it’s not so in Italy. There is a long tradition of flour and water gnocchi (or ‘little gnocchi’) as we find in this super easy pasta recipe for gnocchetti. Simply combine fine breadcrumbs with flour and hot water. After a brief knead and rest, you can stretch the dough into long ropes and cut the pasta in pieces about the size of a pinto bean.

Traditional Gnocchetti Recipe (Little Gnocchi Without Potatoes)
In this recipe, we'll show you how to make the gnocchetti popular in the Umbria region of Italy! They are little gnocchi without potatoes—made only with water, breadcrumbs and flour.
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Gnocchetti with Beans and Sausage

Intermediate Pasta Making

The following fresh pasta recipes are not difficult by any means. However, you will have to ‘master’ a few simple concepts:

  • Use Pasta Flour: to create the best texture and avoid the pasta ‘breaking’ during cooking
  • Knead Long Enough: about 10 minutes, until the pasta is elastic and ‘springs’ back when you press on it.
  • Invest in a Pasta Roller: these range from simple hand crank models (most affordable) to sophisticated automatic machines and extensions which work with stand mixers. Of course, you can learn to stretch the pasta with a rolling pin like an Italian Grandma 😉 but most of you will want to use a machine.

Which Pasta Machine to Choose?

Hand Crank Pasta Machines

Here are two ‘Made in Italy’ brands that are quite popular among Italians. Both of these brands offer affordable, hand crank machines that will allow you to stretch any type of pasta dough and cut several (affiliate links below).

Affordable 'Made in Italy' Hand Crank (Manual) Pasta Machines
Marcato ►
Imperia ►

FYI: Our Italian Grandmas have been using the same Imperia pasta roller for decades, and it’s the model you see below.

Imperia hand crank pasta roller that our Italian Grandmas use.

Stand Mixer Pasta Roller/ Cutter Extensions

Personally, we prefer a stand mixer pasta roller/cutter extension. These extensions leverage the powerful motor from a stand mixer to turn any roller/cutter attached into an electric powered pasta machine—no hand cranking required!

Find out more about why we like stand mixer pasta roller/cutter extensions in this article about how to make pasta with a stand mixer. You can even mix and knead pasta with the stand mixer, however we typically do this by hand and use the stand mixer extensions to stretch the pasta.

Without further ado, let’s review more fresh pasta that you can learn to make from scratch in 2024!

#3 Pici Pasta

Every culture with a tradition of pasta making has some variation of this pasta. In Italy, there is pici (of Tuscany) and ciriole (of Umbria)— thick and long handmade noodles that perfectly hug pasta sauce.

Technically, this pasta can be made without a pasta roller. It’s easy enough to stretch the dough thin enough with a rolling pin, cut the pasta into strips and then stretch the pasta with the palms of your hands. However, many people prefer to stretch the pasta initially with a pasta roller. Certainly, you will want to use pasta flour to make pici pasta—it is prone to breaking when made with flours less adapted to pasta.

Pici Pasta Recipe
Pici pasta is a traditional Tuscan pasta recipe. It’s a long handmade pasta, famously served in Tuscany with a garlicky tomato sauce (Pici all'Aglione). Perfect for beginners to pasta making!
Check out this recipe
handmade pici pasta

#4 Fresh Tagliatelle Pasta

Tagliatelle is the traditional go-to pasta for many traditional Italian pasta recipes. Learn how to make it from scratch at home.

Fresh Tagliatelle Pasta Recipe
Fresh tagliatelle pasta is a classic pairing for many Italian pasta sauces! Learn how to make it from scratch at home.
Tagliatelle is the pasta traditionally served with Ragù Bolognese sauce.

#5 Fresh Potato Gnocchi

Ah, here they are! Those fluffy, cloud-like bites of pasta that go perfectly with almost any kind of sauce. If you follow our tips (don’t knead the dough too much, use the right flour), you’ll learn how to make fresh gnocchi like a pro in no time.

How to Make Homemade Gnocchi from Scratch (Fresh Potato Gnocchi Recipe)
Italian Grandma Lulu's time-honored recipe for potato gnocchi! With hands that have kneaded countless batches, and a heart filled with love for her family, Grandma’s gnocchi is not just food— it’s a dish that warms both heart and soul!
Check out this recipe
Nonna Lulu cutting her potato gnocchi.

#6 Spinach Pasta (Green Pasta)

Spinach pasta dough is no harder to make than any other pasta dough. However, you will want to remember to squeeze the blanched spinach well to remove the water. You may need extra flour to balance the extra moisture! A classic use of spinach pasta dough in Italy? Bolognese Lasagna!

Fresh Spinach Pasta Dough Recipe
Green pasta dough recipe (fresh spinach pasta) perfect for stretching into lasagna noodles, pasta and more.
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Spinach pasta is used to make lasagna noodles— and is a classic ingredient in Bolognese Lasagna.

Advanced Pasta Making: Filled Pasta!

No pasta making is rocket science 😉 However, filled pasta do have more steps due to the need to create the filling and fold the pasta in a way minimize breakage and leaky filling. Here are some filled fresh pasta recipes you’ll want to tackle in 2024!

#7 ‘Tortelli’ Mantovani (Buttercup or Butternut Squash Ravioli)

This squash recipe from Mantova, Italy is a real treat! The perfect balance of all five tastes and filled with some unexpected ingredients! Although they are called ‘tortelli,’ they are formed like ravioli. If you master them, you’ll be on your way to making any other kind of ravioli.

Butternut Squash Ravioli | Traditional Recipe from Mantova
The BEST and most unique butternut squash recipe in Italy! This traditional recipe from Mantova, Italy has a few special ingredients that will win you over.
Check out this recipe
Squash ravioli at its best!

#8 Agnolotti (Meat and Truffle Ravioli)

These tiny ravioli of Umbria combine a few classic regional flavors: fine meats and truffle!

Truffle Agnolotti Pasta Recipe
Discover a treasured Truffle Agnolotti pasta recipe from the Umbrian region of Italy, famous for its truffles!
Agnolotti of Umbria

#9 Tortellini Bolognesi (Bolognese Tortellini Recipe)

Due to their small size and particular shape, tortellini might be considered a more ‘advanced’ pasta. However, they are totally worth the effort. This is the most famous tortellini recipe in Italy, though recipes vary from region to region and family to family.

Traditional Meat Tortellini Recipe from Bologna
The most traditional meat tortellini filling in Italy! This is the authentic tortellini recipe of Bologna Italy. With regional ingredients like Parmigiano and prosciutto, this tortellini is unforgettable!
Check out this recipe
Tortellini in Broth—a classic for Christmas in Italy!

#10 Chiacchiere (Angel Wings, Bugie..)

This too, is pasta! These famous carnival cookies are nothing more than sweet and flavored (then fried) pasta. They are made in a variety of shapes and go by a variety of names throughout Italy. This is one of our favorite recipes.

Chiacchiere Recipe – Carnival Cookies!
These Italian cookies go by different names in different regions of Italy, including: crostoli, frappe, bugie, guanti, cioffe, angel wings, cenci and more! Whatever you call them in your region, we can all agree that these deep fried cookies are delicious. Crispy, delicate and flaky… Chiacchiere ribbon cookies will melt in your mouth when prepared properly.
Check out this recipe
Carnival Cookies

Tools to Use

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► Semola Flour:

‘Made in Italy’ Hand Crank Pasta Machines

These are the most affordable models of pasta roller/cutter machines as they are hand crank.


► Imperia:

Pasta Roller and Cutter Extensions for Stand Mixers

Personally, we love these stand mixer extensions and use them regularly. They are ergonomic and the powerful stand mixer motor makes the job easy.

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Pasta Work Surfaces

► Stainless Steel Work Surface / Pastry Board:

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