The Best Italian Panettone (Made in Italy) Available on Amazon this Christmas!

Want to know a secret? Also in Italy, Italians usually buy Panettone rather than making it! There are a wide range of absolutely amazing panettone to choose from, Made in Italy, with fine Italian ingredients. Luckily, many of these Italian Panettone are available to order via Amazon this holiday season. Don’t forget: Quality panettone also make excellent gifts, as any Italian will tell you!

Some of these panettone come with Made in Italy spreads which add to their amazing taste!

Here are some outstanding traditional Italian flavors we’ve tried and loved:

Pistachio Panettone from Fiasconaro

This was hands-down one of the best panettone we at PIATTO have ever tasted! Italy is well known for having some of the best pistachio and pistachio products in the world. This panettone is not only amazingly delicious but comes with a jar of to-die-for Pistachio butter.

pistachio Panettone

Dolce e Gabbana Citrus and Saffron Fiasconaro

With Sicilian saffron and candied fruits, this panettone is a gem. Includes candied orange and lemon.

Citrus and Saffron Panettone

Chocolate Panettone with Chocolate Spread from Fiasconaro

We are definitely partial to chocolate and nut butters when it comes to panettone. This ‘Nero Sublime’ (Sublime Black) panettone comes topped with pureed wild strawberry and is accompanied by Modica chocolate spread. Mamma mia!

panettone with the chocolate spread included
serious chocolate Panettone
Fiasconaro Panettone are Made in Italy!

Shop the Fiasconaro Panettone Collection!

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