Best Italian Meat Sauce Recipes

Are you a carnivore looking for your next meal? Here’s a look at some of PIATTO’s best Italian Meat Sauce recipes. From slow cooked ragù to quick and dirty Roman pastas, there’s something for everyone.

Authentic Ragù Bolognese Sauce

Tagliatelle con Ragù alla Bolognese

This meat lovers’ sauce from Bologna is beloved among carnivores everywhere in Italy! This is the classic recipe published by the City of Bologna. Be sure to make a big batch of this tasty sauce. After it slow cooks for several hours, it’s a ready-made sauce that can be frozen and reheated at will. Check out all of our recommendations for selecting the right ingredients: particularly choosing a quality sweet tomato product.

Wild Boar Ragù Sauce

Ragù di Cinghiale is not that well known outside of Italy, but it is really popular in many regions of Italy. This is not that surprising when you realize how many wild boar are running around the Italian country (and occasionally even blocking traffic).

There are variations of course, but this ragù typically calls for marinating the lean wild boar meat, then slow cooking it. The result is a ragù with tender pieces of meat, perfect as a condiment for pappardelle pasta. You can find this dish at local restaurants in several regions of Italy including Umbria, Tuscany, Lazio and Abruzzo. It’s a popular dish at community tastings and church fundraisers as well.

Norcina Truffle Pasta with Sausage and Ricotta

Pasta alla Norcina with Sausage Truffle and Ricotta Cheese

Umbria and Tuscany are regions in Italy particularly renowned for sausages and pork products—especially the town of Norcia in Umbria. Since ancient Roman times, Norcia was renowned as home to expert butchers—so much so that the word ‘norcino’ in Italian has since become a generic word used to refer to butchers.

Home to world-famous truffles as well, this traditional pasta sauce is truly an ode to Norcia. Just be sure to choose a sausage with a base of salt, black pepper and garlic—but NOT a so-called Italian sausage with fennel. We discuss this in other articles, but ‘Italian sausage’ sold abroad is not the flavor of sausage expected in most traditional Italian recipes calling for ‘sausage’—and the same is true here.

A Roman Pasta with Guanciale

Carbonara, Gricia or Amatriciana

Many traditional Roman pasta dishes are perfect for those craving Italian meat sauce recipes. The following dishes all feature guanciale (cured pork cheek).

Spaghetti alla Carbonara
Pasta alla Gricia
Spaghetti all’Amatriciana

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know your favorite Italian Meat Sauce recipe in the comments!

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